RADICAL-Analytics (RA) is a library implemented in Python to support the analysis of traces produced by RADICAL-Cybertools (RCT). Each RCT has a set of entities and a set of events associated to those entities. Each component of each RCT tool records a set of events at runtime, enabling post-mortem analysis.

Currently, RA supports two RCT, RADICAL-Pilot (RP) and RADICAL-EnTK (EnTK), and three event-based analyses: duration, concurrency and utilization. All the analyses work with pairs of arbitrarily-defined events. Duration analysis calculates the amount of time spent by one or more entities between two events. Concurrency analysis shows between which events one or more entity was in a given interval of time, and utilization analysis shows for how much time each available resource was used during runtime.

RA enables developing statistical analysis of experimental data, collected via multiple experimental runs. For example, RA supports calculation of averages, spread, and skew among durations of repeated runs, to compare groups of diverse types of entities, association among variables, and analysis of dependent variables. RA also enables introspecting the behavior of RP or EnTK, measuring and characterizing percentage of resource utilization, information flow, and distribution patterns.

RA has supported the development and experimental analysis of most of the papers published by RADICAL at Rutgers University.